Boy calls police afraid Christmas will be stolen after watching 'The Grinch'

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A 5-year-old MS boy was anxious the Grinch was going to steal Christmas after he watched one too many videos.

When Byram police showed up to Tyron's home, his family was shocked to say the least. "My 5 year old brother called the police and said that the Grinch is stealing people Christmas and he don't want him to steal his so they really came to our house!"

"I'm looking for a little boy who was watching 'The Grinch, '" Officer Lauren Develle explained.

TyLon then allowed the Grinch to be released, WLBT reported. But that didn't stop TyLon from offering up his assistance in the meantime.

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Later, he told his mother, TeResa Pittman, that he had made the call, but she didn't take the tot seriously at the time. "Because the Grinch is gonna steal Christmas, okay?" Taking the boy's hand in a handshake, he said: "You have saved Christmas for the people of Byram. I'm not going to let that happen".

He arrived at the station, greeted by Develle and Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson, who led him to a holding cell in the back. The video of the endearing interaction between the little boy and Officer Develle quickly went viral.

"I asked [TyLon] if he saw the Grinch, what would he do, and he said he'd call us and get us to come take him to jail". "Then the Grinch talked to him and said he was sorry and that he would stop stealing Christmas presents". The police department eventually invited the little boy to the station, where he escorted "the Grinch" from a police vehicle to a cell. TyLon, who wants to be a police officer when he grows up, was thrilled.

"The police chief told him, 'I'm going to give you these little handcuffs, and little police auto now, but when you turn 21 come back here".