Barack Obama Expected to Address Mayors' Summit on Climate Change

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Chicago officials billed the North American Climate Summit, which began Monday evening, as the first of its kind for the city.

"Climate change can be solved by human action", said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former chief of staff. "It was going to be up to all of us". "It's designed in such a way that it's measurable". The results will be shared with the public.

President Trump's announcement on June 1 that the US will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is "difficult to defend", Obama said, indicating membership would spur growth rather than stifle it.

His decision led many state and local leaders to vow to take action into their own hands.

Mayors from 51 cities around the world attended the event. The president criticized the climate accord, which sets the goal of holding global warming below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, as an example of a deal " to the exclusive benefit of other countries". Syria announced last month that it would join the accord, leaving the once it can formally withdraw.

Mexico City Mayor Angel Mancera says in a statement that his sprawling capital of about 9 million is committed to combating climate change through programs such as ensuring all residents have access to alternative transportation like walking and cycling, as a matter of land use policy.

Former President Obama, who signed the Paris Agreement, is scheduled to address the mayors at the summit Tuesday. He said it was an "unusual time" with the the only country to walk away from the Paris agreement, but it was a chance for local leaders to come together and fulfil promises the country has made.

The Chicago Climate Charter, signed Tuesday, commits cities to carbon emissions reductions in line with the Paris accords. He said the current resident of the White House and his environmental officials are in denial on climate change despite facts.

Former Yemeni president said to have been killed
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"This leadership role has evolved very quickly because it has had to", Biskupski said.

"I would prefer the federal government as a partner".

The charter will succeed within American cities and states, the only thing it will have difficulty duplicating from the Paris Agreement is the aid of billions of dollars to other countries.

"As we took these actions, we saw the United States economy grow consistently".

Emanuel agreed. "Where there is no EPA to police the polluters, we'll police the polluters", he said.

"It's better to have a national government that is setting the standard rather than a bunch of individual [city] standards", Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) told Bloomberg Environment in an interview.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says rising water levels and affordable housing are concerns for his city. Finding concrete solutions with experts to fight climate change is another stipulation on the charter.

America's Pledge co-chair Michael Bloomberg welcomed Barack Obama's endorsement, hoping that it will "draw even more global attention to the bottom-up progress our country continues to make on climate change".