Apple Acknowledges That Older iPhones Slow Down To Deal With Aging Batteries

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As pointed out on Reddit and confirmed by benchmarking app GeekBench, newer versions of iOS have introduced measures that may prevent phones from running at their would-be peak performance, in cases where the battery can't handle it, either from age or environmental issues. A yearly, or perhaps more commonly biyearly, cycle of buying a new iPhone has been very beneficial for Apple, but some have suggested that there's some foul play how Apple treats older devices. Apple said that it introduced those breaks with an iOS update past year to slow down aging iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE models. But given all the pushback from letting consumers repairing their own device and not educating consumers that their phone is slower still leaves a bad taste.

Apple customers have complained of slower working phones for a while. The reasons, Apple claims, are less to do with forcing people to upgrade than helping the device's battery to supply peak current demands.

People anxious about performance could replace batteries, which Apple does for free for iPhones covered by warranty or for $79 if that is not the case.

Rogers hasn't commented on its most recent pricing moves, but its executives have said the company competes with Freedom on price but has advantages in terms of network, distribution system and customer care.

Apple insists the updates were made with a different goal in mind: It said the performance of lithium-ion batteries degrades over time, which can sometimes cause phones to suddenly shut down in order to protect their components.

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"The solution should not be at the expense of the user's experience, which might be affected if the phone slows down".

The performance of the iPhone 7, released at the end of 2016, has also dropped following this month's iOS 11.2 update, according to The Guardian. If it is no longer under warranty, a new battery costs $78, Werner reported.

Needle said he would be surprised if Apple isn't the defendant in a class-action lawsuit soon. "Check your Geekbench scores and see what you get if your phone is still slow".

Past year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions.

The feature, which slows performance to demand less power, has been extended to iPhone 7 handsets with the latest iOS operating software and will be added to other Apple products "in the future", the spokesperson said.