Scott Disick Said He Dated Bella Thorne to Make Kourtney Kardashian Mad

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This year the reality star, 37, recruited her older sister for her latest idea, as the duo replicated the King and Queen of Pop's iconic appearance at the 1991 Academy Awards. But it's nasty of Kim to suggest that Scott's association with Bella is "desperate" (and if that's not what she meant, she could have been clearer), and it's even nastier for Scott to air that he was only hanging out with Bella to make Kourtney jealous.

While on the phone to Kendall Jenner, sister Kim Kardashian blasted Scott's decision to rock up to LAX alongside Bella as "desperate" and "not a good look".

Kim tweeted on Twitter earlier: "My Halloween theme this year is ICONS!" Most echoed the sentiment that, while they often think Kim is on the wrong side of a cultural appropriation headline, this particular one is unwarranted, writing statements such as "The is the first time in years Kim Kardashian is doing absolutely nothing problematic by dressing as Aaliyah yet people are still mad?" "I think I got defensive and said, 'If you're gonna be in Cannes with another guy, have fun, but know that it's probably not going to be that fun if you run into me and my friends, '" he said.

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All in all, it looks like Scott managed to fool the entire world into thinking he and Bella were an item, when the reality was actually the complete opposite. She added, "Kourtney's genuinely trying to go away and have a good time and he's trying to like freak her out and make Kourtney think there's going to be some insane drama run-in".

You tell 'em, Kourtney! It's just so ridiculous.

"Yeah, but it's weird because I'm like not in the tournament."