Razer Announce Smartphone Designed for Mobile Gamers with Insane Specs

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Razer launched its first smartphone, the Razer Phone, and it's clearly aimed at hardcore mobile gamers.

For starters, it's about the design. A dual 12-megapixel camera is seated at the rear of the phone.

Why was ghosting a concern?

Among the particularly stand-out features is the Razer Phone's display, boasting the world's first 120hz Ultramotion display for the best possible visual experience. There's no time for a frame to linger longer than it's welcome. A 120Hz refresh rate is unheard of in a phone, and Razer seems especially proud of introducing that kind of excess to the mobile phone market. The increased refresh rate means no motion blur, or shuttering.

That frame rate is insane. The operating system is Android Nougat, with Razer noting that the phone will get the Android Oreo upgrade next year.

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Game Booster allows you to set specific frame rates for games, cull notifications while you're gaming and more. The company emphasized that the Razer Phone targets those consumers who are after high-quality gaming experience right in their mobile devices.

All of this said, the phone is essentially a NextBit Robin with updated internals, a mandatory audio dongle, and a focus on an uncertain market. Kicking the framerate down to more standard levels will invariably make battery life better. So you can do 30 on something like Twitter or Facebook and 120 on Final Fantasy XV. Like the camera. The one I saw in a hands on had a pretty weak controls, and Razer has made next to no investment in camera technology.

What the phone sacrifices in the current edge-to-edge design trend, it makes up for loud, powerful audio that make listening to music or watching videos in bed a joy.

Razer has been solidifying itself as a gaming company, from the moment it acquired Android-based console maker Ouya, released its Razer Serval gaming controller at Google Play, to the creation of its Nabu watch that's "smart, but not a smartwatch".

Of course, as with all rumours and leaks, we advise readers to take the above information about the Razer Phone with a pinch of salt, as Razer has yet to make any announcement about its new smartphone and the online listing can not be independently verified. This, however, is the U.S. price; there is no word on whether the smartphone will be released in India.