Pacific trade ministers to hold news conference

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In announcing the 11-party deal on Saturday, Toshimitsu Motegi, the minister in charge of Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations, said the agreement "sends a very strong message to the United States and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region" and expressed hope for the United States' return.

Earlier in the day, the TPP countries agreed on the core elements to move ahead with the trade pact, after last-minute resistance from Canada raised new doubts about its survival.

Abe told Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski that he welcomed a broad agreement reached at the TPP ministerial meeting, a written statement by the Japanese government said on Friday.

A successful TPP deal would give Australia new market access to Mexico and Canada - two countries with which it does not have a free-trade agreement.

"Comprehensive and progressive are key things that we [the ministers] look forward to and we consider the new name reflecting the common goal of inclusive growth", Tuan Anh said.

"It would be fair to say that there is still a little bit of clarification required around where those talks have finally landed", Ms Ardern told reporters at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam on Saturday.

Trudeau did not go to the conference room at the scheduled time to meet the other TPP leaders.

Foreign ministers had agreed on Thursday night to revive the TPP after the original agreement was rejected by U.S. President Donald Trump days after he took office.

Ministerial talks on a communique for the APEC leaders were extended into a second day on Thursday in the face of US demands for changes to the language used concerning issues such as free trade and protectionism, officials at the talks said.

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Trump criticized multilateral free trade agreements like the TPP, saying in a speech Friday, "What we will no longer do is enter into large agreements that tie our hands, surrender our sovereignty and make meaningful enforcement practically impossible".

A report in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald said Trudeau "sabotaged" the talks at the last minute by failing to show up for the meeting. It is now the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"The suspended provisions, in fact, will help narrow TPP challenges for the country", Thang said.

Among the most sensitive for Canada is understood to be protection for automobile production, while Viet Nam has been resistant to the pact's insistence on minimum standards for labour and environmental practices. Under the original TPP, in order for a vehicle to enter Canada tariff-free, 45 per cent of it must have originated in a TPP member nation (auto parts themselves must have a regional content value of 35 to 45 per cent).

In Da Nang on the eve of the APEC Summit, Mr Trump has given an address to business chiefs, explaining that his administration will put bilateral (or one-one) trade deals ahead of multi-lateral trade pacts.

"The Canadian prime minister is clearly equivocating and that is deeply is the position that the United States took under President Trump".

At this stage there's no meeting of all 11 leaders planned for Saturday.

"The fact that global meetings were held continuously in a very short time is unprecedented, it did not happen even during the earlier negotiation period", Motegi said.

In their retreat, leaders were expected to discuss broader regional concerns such as North Korea's nuclear program and missile tests.