Microsoft's Redesigned Headquarters Will Have Some Cool Stuff

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It says its project will include renovations and new construction and will take five to seven years.

The changes will replace the original X-shaped buildings where co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates moved the company in 1986, shortly before Microsoft went public.

Once complete, the campus will have 131 buildings, compared with today's 125 buildings, and will offer workspace for the 47,000 employees who now work there, plus room for an additional 8,000 people. Under the plan, the company will tear down 12 of the buildings now used by employees and build 18 new facilities in their place that are expected to be up to twice as tall. "It's an investment that's good for our employees, good for the Puget Sound community, and makes good sense for our shareholders", said Smith.

The campus remodel will be built for pedestrians and bikes with all cars in an underground parking facility.

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Artist's rendering of Microsoft's new headquarters. It'll feature work areas that are divided into a series of "team neighborhoods" with plenty of natural light, an environment that Smith believes will foster the type of creativity needed for ongoing innovation in the tech industry.

The transformation at Redmond - where the company has been for 30 years - will include retail and sports facilities, including soccer and cricket spaces, which will also be available to those living nearby.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans? The campus will also be connected to WA-520 on both sides and it will tie into the future Redmond Technology Transit Station linking the campus to Link Light Rail in 2023.

When all is said and done, Microsoft President Brad Smith says 6.7 million square feet would have been renovated on the campus creating 2,500 construction jobs. As a Zero Waste Certified campus we will continue to focus further on waste-reduction initiatives. Already, 42 percent of Microsoft's employees get to work by means other than a single-occupant vehicle-but that means something like 27,300 employees are gripping the wheel in the region's worsening traffic each day.