Kevin Spacey Removed from All the Money in the World

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The film is scheduled for a December 22 release, giving the film's producers less than two months to completely redo all of Spacey's scenes.

The surprising part of the recast is that Scott wants to keep the December 22 released date. Still, co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams will reportedly be involved in the reshoots. So they took control of the narrative.

The Black List screenplay, written by David Scarpa, centers on the 1973 kidnapping in Italy of J. Paul Getty III - the rebellious teenage grandson of oil billionaire J. Paul Getty, who was reluctant to pay the $17 million ransom demanded by the kidnappers. While the role is said to be small - he spent about 10 days on set - it was apparently significant enough for the studio to plan an Oscar campaign around him. The nightmare escalated after the family received his severed ear as proof the kidnappers were going to kill him if the money wasn't delivered. The other example came when writer/director Taylor Sheridan, stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen and producers Basil Iwanyk and Matthew George wrested back control of the critically acclaimed Wind River from The Weinstein Company after dozens of women claimed that ousted TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein molested them.

More fallout from the sexual harassment allegations against actor Kevin Spacey, as the Oscar victor is cut from an already shot movie, set to hit theaters within weeks.

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David Scarpa adapted the John Pearson book.

That Scott and the All the Money in the World's producers are willing to go to such lengths to essentially erase Spacey's presence from the film speaks to how seriously Hollywood is taking the allegations of sexual assault that have been levied against him - or at least how desperate many people in the entertainment industry are to distance themselves from a man whose behavior was allegedly a longstanding open secret.

Scott once before was forced to deal with re-shooting on a film, following the death of Oliver Reed in the Oscar winning Gladiator. Regarding that decision, TriStar issued a statement, noting, "All the Money in the World is a superb film".