Intel pairs with longtime rival AMD to challenge Nvidia

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Size comparison between a standard implementation of discrete GPU and CPU on a laptop against the upcoming 8th Gen Intel Core processor with semi-custom AMD Radeon chip and HBM2 memory. "This new semi-custom GPU puts the performance and capabilities of Radeon graphics into the hands of an expanded set of enthusiasts who want the best visual experience possible". It's scheduled to ship as early as the first quarter of 2018. Intel's new product give it a shot at some of the revenue that usually goes to those graphics chips, while generating new sales for AMD and muscling in on Nvidia's dominance in graphics units. However, Intel has actually always had a "good relationship" with AMD's Radeon group, which develops discrete graphics cards used in many Intel-powered PCs, according to Moorhead. It will be very interesting to see how Intel's new Core H CPUs perform, particularly up against AMD's new Ryzen Mobile processors, which includes Vega Integrated Graphics. While Intel has been in the discrete graphics business for years, it's never been able to fend off Nvidia in the way that AMD has with its Radeon GPUs. The goal is to deliver driver updates for new games on the day they are released, or shortly before, just as AMD and Nvidia now do with their gaming graphics products.

"At the heart of this new design is EMIB, an intelligent bridge that allows heterogeneous silicon to quickly pass information in extremely close proximity".

The new partnership is nearly certainly a response to the growing threat posed by Nvidia, whose graphics processors are now used for everything from high-end PC gaming to cryptocurrency processing to deep learning neural networks and more. Currently, most of the high-performance laptops have Intel Core H-series processors combined with a high-end discrete graphics from AMD or NVIDIA.

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This multi-chip design will leverage Intel's Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) to allow high-speed connections between the different parts, without the height and manufacturing penalties that can come from other approaches. If that wasn't enough, Intel also announced that it is bundling the design with the latest high-bandwidth memory, HBM2. Though with the Mac Mini not being updated in some time, it could be the device that could take advantage of this new Intel-AMD package.

Nvidia has historically held up to 80% of the standalone GPU chip market, but AMD has also started chipping away at that lead. This $257 United States dollars proc is again a six-core processor that you will need to seat on a Z37.