Hate Crime Statistics Released

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The FBI released its 2016 hate crime statistics report Monday.

In 2016 Utah saw 47 race-related hate crimes. The FBI's report shows a four-and-a-half percent increase nationally in hate crimes.

Anti-Jewish bias was the motivation cited in a little more than half of the 1,273 religion-related hate crimes.

The latest statistics are based on voluntary reporting from almost 16,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Hate crimes in the United States increased by nearly five percent in 2016, when the country registered 6,121 acts of this type, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced today. "Hate crimes demand priority attention due to their special impact".

In releasing the figures, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said hate crimes remain the "number one investigative priority" of its civil rights unit and pledged to continue collecting data on the problem. But the number of anti-black crimes remained about even with the number reported in 2015.

The rise marked the first time since 2004 that hate crime in the United States has increased two years in a row.

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There were seven anti-Sikh incidents, up from six; 10 anti-Hindu hate crimes, up from five, and 105 anti-transgender hate crimes, up from 73. There is more of a focused effort on reporting these crimes in today's political climate.

"No person should have to fear being violently attacked because of who they are, what they believe or how they worship", he said.

Incidents targeting Jews increased from 664 incidents in 2015 to 684 incidents in 2016.

Anti-Catholic crimes also increased by 9 incidents.

Maryland State Police report not just hate "crimes", but also "incidents", which could include things such as intimidation, which may not be considered a crime.

Meanwhile, 21% of crimes were motivated by religion and almost 18% by a victim's sexual orientation.