'Black Mirror' Season 4 Trailer Looks at Implanting Chips Into Children

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Rosemarie DeWitt stars as a mother who resorts to drastic measures after her child almost disappears. In typical Black Mirror fashion, it teases that something bad is bubbling in an impeccably clean laboratory. Still no word on the season's release date.

That's the question posed for the first episode of "Black Mirror" season 4 directed by Oscar victor Jodie Foster with a new trailer that debuted on Saturday.

In the trailer, a single mom and her adorable daughter live together on a small suburban street, playing hide and seek and generally having a great time until the day the daughter goes missing from a local playground.

We'll find out when Season 4 premieres on Netflix. It's obviously not fully explained in the trailer how exactly she goes about preventing any repeats of the incident, but what we can take away from the minute-long clip is that there's a needle and a "trial period" involved.

YouTube is finally removing child exploitation videos
Similarly, New Jersey-based Mondelez said it was "deeply concerned" and had suspended its advertising on YouTube, too. In March, the video site was met with advertiser pullouts when ads were found running on extremist content.

A new season of Black Mirror is nearly upon us, and though we still don't actually have a release date yet-early January? Yeah, I'm sure we're in for a pretty wild ride with this episode.

Before you jump to conclusions about how this will all end, let's just remember that happy endings on Black Mirror aren't unheard of.

From the looks of things, this episode also has at least one needle.

Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for the next season ofBlack Mirror, and it's every teenager's nightmare. Soon enough, the mother seems to lose her child, before quickly finding her.