Apple's iOS 11 Keyboard Glitch Has iPhone Owners Bugging Out

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Some users with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11.1 have reported an annoying issue that autocorrects the letter "i" to the letter "A" and a symbol thanks to a bug in the built-in auto-correction engine. "A fix will be released very soon".

It happens when typing the letter "i". It's a known bug. Mike Murphy felt he was being shortchanged by having a a phone worth $1,150 United States dollars that couldn't type letter i. the glitch has taken over the command function and its replacing letter i with capital letter A and a a question mark (?).

Go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement.

So far, there is n0 wo½rd on exactly when an µpdate for the prÕblem could arrA˜ve.

The bad news surrounding iOS 11 just won't stop coming, with the latest one about an iOS 11.1 bug involving the predictive keyboard feature.

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To get started, you must join the Apple Public beta program and download iOS 11.2 or later.

A odd problem seems to have caught the attention of some iPhone users who have received the iOS 11 update.

Although Apple hasn't officially updated the software to correct the issue, it suggested on its website a way for users to fix it themselves. Essentially, you'll tell your phone to type a capital "I" when you type a lowercase "i".

Use the iPhone's Text Replacement function to correct the "i" bug. Apple says the money that you send or is sent to you will land instantly. The site also reports that you can initiate Apple Pay Cash payments in Siri and Contacts, as well.