Who Is Lauren Sivan? Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of Reporter

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Although she and Sivan left immediately afterwards and Sivan told her what had happened as soon as they were outside, Sivan says that she has remained quiet about the incident for the last ten years for fear of repercussions. Sivan said she reluctantly agreed and they went downstairs to the restaurant.

When the two reached the kitchen, Weinstein oddly dismissed two staffers who were there cleaning up, then proceeded try to kiss Sivan. Sivan noted to HuffPost that Weinstein's vehicle was "stocked full of cases of Diet Coke", which she said she found to be odd.

Democratic lawmakers have rushed to distance themselves from the veteran Hollywood producer after a bombshell Times report this week revealed allegations that the Democratic mega-donor had spent decades sexually harassing women he worked with.

Bob Weinstein denied the accusation, but now he, along with Weinstein Company COO David Glasser, will be running the company while Harvey Weinstein is on "indefinite leave".

She reportedly told her friend accompanying her that evening to come and check up on her if she was not back in 10 minutes. He suddenly exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her, and continued doing so until he ejaculated into a potted plant in the hall, she added.

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She called for Weinstein's resignation from the company, suggesting that he "face his sickness, and go into a long, self-imposed exile". She said that she met Weinstein, a friend, and others at an Italian restaurant.

By the time she headed toward the kitchen, Sivan and Weinstein had emerged, the friend said.

In response to that article, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski wanted it to be known that she not only wanted Weinstein to resign but that she would back out of her three-book deal with Weinstein Books if he didn't.

Lauren Sivan said that Mr. Weinstein trapped her in the hallway of a New York City restaurant during a private event and then masturbated in front of her until he ejaculated, The Huffington Post reported Friday. The incident in the vestibule didn't last long.

But it didn't end there: Weinstein allegedly called Sivan the next day to say he'd had "a great time" and asked if she'd like to meet up with him once he was back from some travel. She has not interacted with the movie mogul since.