OJ Simpson is freed from prison

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He was arrested again after a September 13, 2007, incident at a hotel in Las Vegas.

Simpson's Malcolm LaVergne said there's "no doubt" Simpson is going to Florida.

Of course, Simpson's life has been anything but "conflict-free". No details on Simpson's whereabouts or destination were reported, and authorities could not be reached to verify the report.

Brooke Keast, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections, told CNN that the former National Football League star left prison shortly after midnight and was picked up by an unidentified friend.

Mr Scotto did not respond to questions about where they were going or whether Simpson's sister, Shirley Baker of Sacramento, California, or his daughter, Arnelle Simpson of Fresno, California, were with him.

Just over an hour after Simpson's release, CNN, then MSNBC and then FOX News all broke into their overnight programming to report the news.

After he was granted parole from prison on July 20, Simpson bowed his head and shed tears of joy.

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Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman, Ashley Cook, said her agency has not received a transfer request or documents about Simpson.

Simpson's release was very much done in secret today to avoid too much attention from the press.

There has been no information as to where he was headed.

It seems like a belated effort by Florida to put the wheels in motion to keep Simpson out of the state, given that he becomes eligible for release as of Sunday.

Simpson said during his parole hearing in July he planned to live with friend Tom Scotto in the Sunshine state. Unlike the last time he went free, 22 years ago, he will face restrictions - up to five years of parole supervision.

Simpson's lawyer also Friday said the former football star and celebrity criminal defendant will live in Florida following his parole from a Nevada prison where he's been held the past nine years after a robbery conviction. She had first met Simpson when she was 18 and he was married to his first wife.