Next Insider update could bring mouse support on Xbox

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In the blog post, Microsoft also detailed new options for Xbox One players in transferring their content to the Xbox One X as it arrives. So you can be out the door paying just $329 and nothing more.

Make Home uniquely yours.

The new 1710 update contains many wondrous things, most of all the ability to customise the dashboard to your own personal tastes and also brings in the ability to game capture in 1080p direct to a USB memory stick for up to 60 minutes. This allows you to pin anything as a "block" on the dash, when you scroll up and down. And with the new home interface, players can pin their favorites on the home section, alongside games and apps. These pins are available in the Pin block.

The new software is also smarter about things that happen when you're away from your controller.

New "Friends in games" flyout informs you of friends playing the same game.

Another great new addition is a rework to the Xbox One Guide, which now works horizontally instead of vertically.

Nothing is more exciting than updating your Xbox and using a new dashboard. The screen is now dimmer when idling to prevent screen ghosting. The action center is brand new to the guide, and users can find now find their settings page here.

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You can copy your games to an external disk, ready to load onto your Xbox One X. With Halo Wars 2 bringing cross-play between Xbox One and PC players, this might be an opportune time for Microsoft to test the functionality and better its implementation.

Finally, Microsoft has promised the next major Xbox update should enable console owners to buy games as a gift for their fellow players.

Looking at the brand a year after the statement shows that not much has changed despite the Xbox head teasing visiting Japan on multiple occasions. Network-based transfers are also supported. Once you start a Broadcast, a new flyout will appear that includes your profile stats. There's also plenty of other little enhancements and improvements for the dashboard.

Right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are now available.

The Xbox One S 2TB model is now available over on eBay for just $329, and it's available in the launch white color, which looks mighty nice.

For those of you who aren't wanting to upgrade to an X, though, the Fall Update will still hopefully be a worthy upgrade.