Netflix Raising Prices Again - How High Can They Go?

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Netflix is raising the prices of its most popular plans, and it comes at a very curious time. The premium plan, which is now priced at $12 for 4K and streaming on four screens simultaneously, will cost $14 (a $2 increase).

Even with the hike, Netflix's standard plan is still cheaper than HBO Now at $15 per month and Hulu's commercial-free plan at $11.99.

The price increase was limited to the USA and a handful of European countries including France, Britain and Germany, Netflix said.

Netflix says customers will be notified of the change based on their billing cycle, beginning on October 19th. That plan now costs $11.99, but it will go up to $13.99 with rate increases.

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Netflix has already begun raising its prices for new customers to the service, and will start raising the prices for its current subscribers on October 19.

Most of the subscriber growth came from outside the U.S., where Netflix has invested heavily in establishing itself as a global television service. The sentiment of this price change is definitely different than the sentiment of the previous one, with a more negative tone, and people generally not as likely to give Netflix a pass here.

NETFLIX prices are about to increase - and it won't leave you feeling chill. Netflix went from $8.99 to $9.99 a month in late 2015, and its streaming audience was 69.2 million strong at the time. The company has committed $15.7 billion to streaming content deals - with $6 billion earmarked for 2017 alone. If you want these shows, then it's going to cost, and I'm just thankful that the price increase is a very modest 10 percent. It bought the streaming rights to The Good Place, for example, guaranteeing a second season, and it has deals in place with the CW for its shows.