Microsoft is Finally Killing Off the Kinect

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Digital Foundry, the guys behind the deep benchmarking tests and framerate comparisons, have got their hands on a final retail version of the upcoming Xbox One X, and have filmed a full unboxing video for your pleasure. It is a sad day for fans of the revolutionary (at the time) voice recognition and depth sensor which sold more than 35 million units since its introduction in 2010. Will you still continue to use it if you still have one?

Following the Kinect's unbundling from Xbox One, the device quickly faded from view, but its core technology powers Microsoft's HoloLens and Cortana, and it found a home in research labs around the world as a low cost yet effective depth sensing camera. The company confirmed Co.Design that it has stopped manufacturing the Kinect. Dwindling sales figures forced Microsoft to ditch the Kinect and sell the Xbox One as standalone at cheaper rates.

People just didn't care much about Microsoft's original vision for the Kinect, which received bad publicity when Ad Age reported comments from a senior Microsoft executive talking about Kinect's ability to gather user data and serve them targeted ads.

Arguably, Kinect paved the way for devices like Siri and Alexa that are commonplace today. Microsoft would eventually release a lower-priced Xbox One console without Kinect.

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Now, before you start feeling nostalgic about your Kinect, Microsoft isn't killing it off altogether.

"Trust is something you earn in drops and lose in buckets", said Kipman in conversation with Fast Co Design, alluding to industry-wide concern over consumer privacy when the Xbox One launched with Kinect back in 2013.

This means that the current Kinect units in retailers are the last ones, and once they are all purchased, they will never be restocked.

"You know, we're all at the whim of capital".