Harvey Weinstein scandal: New accuser files first lawsuit against Weinstein Company

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Harvey Weinstein was hit with a new sex-abuse allegation Tuesday: forcibly performing oral sex on a woman - who was left "mortified" when he pulled out her tampon to perform the sick act.

Allred on Wednesday in NY held her second press conference in two days unveiling another woman claiming Weinstein sexually assaulted her. Actress Natassia Malthe told reporters that Weinstein barged into her London hotel room late at night in 2010, removed his trousers, began masturbating and then forced himself on her. Malthe says, "It was not consensual".

Through his spokesperson, Weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex, but police departments in London, Los Angeles, and NY are now investigating, as is the NY attorney general. Italian filmmaker and actress Asia Argento and one-time aspiring actress Lucia Evans told The New Yorker that Weinstein sexually assaulted them by forced oral sex.

Attorney Gloria Allred is pressing for The Weinstein Co.to create a fund to compensate alleged victims of sexual assault and harassment by the film company's former co-chairman Harvey Weinstein.

Haleyi said she took the position and had no contact with Weinstein until after the production ended. Huett is represented by Florida-based attorney Jeffrey Herman. She initially refused, but he was relentless and she ultimately agreed. She expressed interest in working on one of his films and he invited her to his hotel room and asked for a massage. "I would not have wanted anyone to do that to me, even if that person had been a romantic partner".

The new movie, they say, will illuminate the "behavior of predatory perpetrators such as Harvey Weinstein and others", and the culture that "enables and protects them".

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"Some of the things I've seen in the last couple of weeks have been revolutionary", Moore said, as reported by People Magazine. Hayleyi said she chose to come forward to support all the other women who have already done so.

The actress alleges Weinstein asked if she had ever had a boob job and to show him her breasts.

"We need justice for these victims", said Allred. "It was not long before he was all over me, making sexual advances", she said.

"It was, therefore, a real shock when Harvey proceeded to put his hand on my thigh at dinner during the opening night of Great Raid, at which both my boyfriend and my brother were present", Nielsen recalled. "At that time, I was crying because I felt humiliated".

Among the dozens - including Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd - who have claimed Weinstein sexually harassed them, several women have said Weinstein raped them.