Google Pulls Maps Calorie Estimator, Adds Planets to Visit

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Some users were especially upset that the app used mini cupcakes to put the burned calories into perspective, framing food as a reward for exercise, or exercise as a prerequisite for food.

It then showed how many mini cupcakes those calories would be worth: i.e., walking from the Philly Voice offices to Suburban Station burns an estimated 35 calories, according to Google Maps, putting me in the clear to eat a third of a mini cupcake.

Following the feedback, Google has made a decision to remove the feature from its iOS app.

Google would estimate the number of calories users could burn-off by walking whenever they planned a route within the Google Maps app. So, if you went to get directions for a 2.2-mile journey, Google would tell you that walking the route "burns around 199 calories - that's nearly 2 mini cupcakes!".

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Google responded by telling Buzzfeed that it was only a test feature, not rolled out to everyone, and is being removed by the end of the day. Some twitter users said the feature could "shame" and even "trigger" those with eating disorders.

The Google app keeps you in the know about the things you care about. Or Google could embellish the feature to take into account details about the user's health, including general factors like age, weight, and gender. Taylor Lorenz, politics writer for The Hill and freelance tech reporter over at Mic discovered that there was no way to opt out of or turn off the feature - a troubling issue, as people who could potentially suffer from an eating disorder relapse would essentially be barred from using the app.

However, a vocal minority of users decided that this is an offensive move on Google's part as it was merely an abstract number that was specifically targeting women with eating disorders. Unfortunately for Google, theirs is the most popular one.