Don't blame iOS 11 for your iPhone becoming sluggish

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After Apple rolled out the iOS 11 update, users have been complaining about the new version having a lot of bugs and issue. It features Apple Music streaming and a new Radio app. watchOS 4.1 includes new end-user features. Now, Twitter also supports these new Emojis which you can use in the tweet.

Starting with 2016, Futuremark collected more than 100,000 benchmark results for seven different iPhone models across three versions of iOS.

If you don't need it, or don't miss the lack of iOS app management, you're better off just going with the flow and sticking with iTunes 12.7, an app more likely to receive both minor and major updates compared to the app-friendly spin-off. While the CPU speed remains constant, it may be the variation in power required to run the new features or changes, which could also adversely affect the battery life. "Conversely, apps designed for an earlier version of iOS might not take full advantage of optimizations in the latest version", the firm explains. Read on to learn about what you might expect to find once iOS 11.1 is released.

There's also an emoji of a woman breastfeeding, and the American Sign Language symbol for "I love you".

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Apple has not yet unveiled as to when it will be rolling the user version of iOS 11.1 to the well-matched iPad and iPhone models, or when will these be arriving to the watchOS or macOS.

Despite the data presented, the release said, there are other factors that could influence a user's perception of his or her iPhone's performance.

The iOS 11.1 beta was released last week, while iOS 11.1 Beta 2 already came out yesterday. iOS 11.1 Beta 2 features various bells and whistles and general improvements to the already-existing features.

TNW has shared everything regarding this new hidden Emojis' set with the newly updated iOS devices. We would let you update with all the announcements made by Apple in the coming days. So, this is the first update user will get.