Did you see the Harvest Moon on Thursday?

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More scientifically, the harvest moon is defined as the full moon closest to the September equinox - this year the equinox occurred on September 22. The orange glow comes from light being scattered through the Earth's atmosphere, like during sunsets and sunrises.

Harvest moons often appear orange in the fading light of the sun, and signal the waning days of the harvesting season. EarthSky points out that the September 6 full moon happened too early to be the "official" Harvest Moon.

However this year, the Harvest Moon, which is said to symbolise when farmers would need to start gathering crops to prepare for the lean winter months, is happening in October.

This year, the Harvest Moon will take place tonight - on October 5.

Look up! A stunning harvest full moon has risen in the sky and should be visible each night this weekend.

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By Wright's calculations, roughly one in four harvest moons rise in October.

And because the moon's orbit is slightly tilted compared to Earth's, for a handful of days around the autumnal equinox the moon rises closer to sunset in much of the US, according to National Geographic.

It's something you can appreciate without any high-tech camera or telescope gear.

No, although the moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth means that, sometimes, it can appear slightly bigger - this isn't one of those times.