Amazon Key Opens the Door to In-home Deliveries

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In addition to a smart lock by Yale or Kwikset, the kit includes an Amazon Cloud Cam that's placed inside your door to monitor all that transpires.

Cloud Cam is said to work seamlessly with your Alexa smart home accessories such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Fire tablets. The Cloud Cam, which is required for the service to work, can be purchased separately for $139.99. When the courier arrives, he scans a barcode, which is sent to the cloud to request entrance.

Once these conditions are met, the camera positioned in the housing starts to record and the door is unlocked. After the courier has dropped off their package, the door is then relocked with another swipe.

Using the Amazon Key app, Amazon Prime customers can track their delivery with real-time notifications, watch the delivery happening live (via the Cloud Cam) or review a video of the delivery after it is complete.

Twelve years ago, Amazon launched Prime, a subscription service that entitled members to free two-day shipping in the United States. Amazon is going out of its way to reassure customers that the whole enterprise is safe, but at the end of the day you'll have to pay the price if a rogue delivery agent decides to steal or damage something.

Just last month, Walmart began working with August and Deliv to test in-fridge delivery of food. This is a new service that means Amazon will just open your front door and drop off your deliveries when you're out. Amazon is pushing even further into the smart home space, a market it's made big strides in, thanks to the huge popularity of its Alexa devices. The camera can also be used as a regular security camera for surveillance. I, Insane Housebound Shut-In Who Nevertheless Both Leaves Home Often Enough For This To Be A Concern And Has No Particular Hang-Ups About The Sanctity Of My Personal Dwelling-Space, definitely order enough stuff off Amazon for this to be worth turning the administration of the inside of my home over to an Amazon-controlled camera and internet-connected door lock.

The service is now being advertised only for Amazon's Prime scheme members.

So let's get to the question at the heart of this: will consumers buy it?

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The woman in Amazon's promotional video doesn't seem to have a problem with letting a stranger into her home when she's not there.

It can sometimes feel like Amazon is trying to take over our lives.

Amazon Key will be available in 37 USA cities to start - including Los Angeles and Orange counties - and Amazon says it will add more.

Once it is all set up, you'll need to select "free in-home delivery" at checkout on Amazon.

Key comes complete with a host of built-in protections like notifications of the courier's arrival, live streams of the courier, and instructions to deliverers to avoid actually entering the home.

"The fastest and easiest way to get the product will always win at the end of the day - we already know consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery".

If you're not a pet owner, it's OK - Amazon is planning on opening up the service to the 1,200 companies that are part of Amazon's Home Services program. When buying the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, you will see the option to have it installed by a professional (learn more) or do it yourself.