Stephen Colbert Sends Donald Trump to Showers Over NFL Feud

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Although Stephen Colbert had plenty to sound off on when it came to President Donald Trump's stance on the National Football League protests yesterday, it appears that the Late Night host still had more to say about Trump's continued criticisms of National Football League players who are kneeling to protest racial inequality in the U.S. Colbert reacted. "There should be a flag on that play, and I'm going say a Confederate flag".

A skeptical Colbert on Tuesday was pretty sure those boos were a far cry from the "loudest" Trump has ever heard.

Oh, he also reminded Trump why Colin Kaepernick specifically chose the "take a knee" protest in the first place - out of respect for soldiers! It was a controversial protest, Colbert acknowledged, explaining the singing of the national anthem at NFL games is a sacred time when Americans rush to the toilet because that's when the line is shortest. And no, it's not a sign of disrespect against the country; besides, as Noah put it, Trump is hardly allowed to complain about such disrespect.

Donald Trump, however, is more interested in a conflict a little closer to home. "That's the kind of shit they would do if they were trying to disrespect the country". They'd do insane things like insult gold star families or make fun of POWs like John McCain or say that America is morally equivalent to [Vladimir] Putin's Russian Federation. As he concluded his monologue, Noah concocted a Dr. Seussian rhyme: "It's wrong to do it in the streets; it's wrong to do it in the tweets". You can not do it if you've kneeled.

"Wow, son-of-a-bitch!" Colbert replied. Because there's one thing that's a fact: "You can not protest if you're Black".

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On NBC's Late Night, both host Seth Meyers and writer Amber Ruffin took on Trump's comments.

"This weekend was in many ways the flawless distillation of Trump's presidency, feeding his base cultural and racial resentments to keep them on his side while his team of corrupt authoritarians tries to swindle hard-working Americans out of their health care", Meyers said.

Meyers then showed a clip of Trump's comments from Friday, introduced by a CNN anchor who warned viewers about Trump's language. When black athletes peacefully protest against racism and police brutality, Trump has no trouble summoning his outrage. As she put it, "You know someone is racist when they don't even want black people in their field".

"Today, Donald Trump was still tweeting", Colbert continued, showing Trump's tweet claiming "The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race".