Pres. Trump announces 'Pro-American' tax reform during Indianapolis speech

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A corporation in the 35 percent tax bracket repatriates $1 million of income earned overseas, it would owe $350,000 in USA tax. That's not as low as Trump wanted, but is still a huge reduction, to the lowest top rate since 1940.

Businesses have been lobbying heavily for a reduction in the corporate rate. This measure is only really utilized by the country's wealthiest tax payers, affecting less than half of a percent of all estates today, according to IRS figures. They would pay at a 25 percent rate, down 39.6 percent.

For individuals, there is much less clarity. The GOP proposal also calls for reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to three with a surcharge on the wealthiest Americans. But it will be up to the tax committees to assign income ranges to each rate. However, the president still believes that it is possible to decrease corporate taxes to a low of 15 percent. A repeal of the estate tax. Most of the money that members of the middle class would gain from the tax cut will be taken away due to eliminated deductions. Most itemized deductions, including those widely used for state and local tax expenses, would also be eliminated.

Republicans proposed eliminating some existing tax deductions, though they retain deductions for mortgage interest payments and charitable deductions.

In a document obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday, they outline a blueprint for nearly doubling the standard deduction for married taxpayers filing jointly to $24,000, and $12,000 for individuals.

Almost seven in 10 tax filers claimed the standard deduction in 2013, the Tax Foundation said. The credit, now $1,000 per child, would be expanded to higher-income families.

Senate Republicans, walking away from their party's long-held view that tax cuts or increased federal spending should be done in a way that does not add to deficits, tentatively agreed last week that the tax overhaul would cost $1.5 trillion over a decade, but forecast it would become revenue neutral thereafter due to predicted economic growth. House Ways and Means Committee Republican chairman Kevin Brandy says that they are discussing how they can bring down the tax cuts.

"We think that is going to help bring more investment and more income back to the USA rather than keeping it offshore, and it will help level the playing field for our companies so they can better compete with foreign companies that already have that kind of tax treatment", the official said.

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"With significant and meaningful tax reform and relief, we will create a fairer system that levels the playing field and extends economic opportunities to American workers, small businesses, and middle-income families", the plan reads.

As the Republicans regroup following the failed attempt to repeal and replace the Obamacare in July, they are now focusing on an aggressive tax code rewrite.

The White House and a spokeswoman for the House Ways and Means Committee did not respond to a request for comment on the Axios report, or a request to confirm the proposed standard deduction rates. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Sen.

New benefits would be given to firms in which the profits double as the owners' personal income. "It will deliver the lowest rates on our job creators in modern history and redesign the tax code so our companies can compete and win anywhere in the world, especially here at home".

It will be hard to tell who gets the tax cuts under the plan until lawmakers release a complete tax bill and independent analysts examine how the distribution of the tax burden differs from today's tax system.

Republicans point out the USA corporate tax rate is the highest in the world, but in fact most companies pay a far lower rate, and after deductions and credits the highest effective tax rate is just over 19 percent.

The rate is "going to be substantially lower so we bring jobs back into our country", Trump said.