Manatees rescued after Hurricane Irma left them stranded on Florida beach

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Hurricane Irma has pushed water out of a bay in Tampa, but forecasters are telling people not to venture out there, because it's going to return with a potentially deadly vengeance.

The manatees were left high and dry when water drained, leaving them stranded near Sarasota, a small city on Florida's west coast, around 50 miles south of Tampa.

"We gave them as much water as we could, hoping the rain and storm surge come soon enough to save them", he wrote.

Resident Michael Sechler posted on Facebook that he went out to the bay and saw two objects lying where the water had receded.

Another Floridian, Marcelo Clavijo, also posted about finding the manatees, saying the group put the animals onto tarps and dragged them into the water.

Two manatees are rescued from Sarasota Bay when the water receded
Two manatees are rescued from Sarasota Bay when the water receded

Intrigued, Marcelo Clavijo and several friends went out for a drive to take in the unusual sight of an empty bay.

Clavijo posted a video on Facebook showing the team of rescuers struggling to move one of the big manatees with their basic tools.

Clavejo said the rescue was a "pretty cool experience" and he was happy to rescue two of "manatees finest".

Nadia Gordon, marine mammal biologist with FWC, said the commission has received several reports of stranded manatees in the county, according to the Bradenton Herald.

"Normally, if we have to move a manatee, we would use a sling similar to the way you've probably seen dolphins moved", Cover says. "Unfortunately with manatees, they are accustomed to being tidally stranded at times".

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