Dennis Rodman Offers to 'Straighten Things Out' Between Trump and Kim Jong

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Dennis Rodman's friendship with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, was forged back in 2013 when the NBA Hall of Famer led a group of American players to the country for an exhibition basketball game.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman speaks about his friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, describing how he sings karaoke and goes skiing with the "supreme leader".

"If the president even tries to reach out for Kim, I think it would be a great possibility things could happen..."

Obviously, "reaching out" in the midst of nuclear tensions can never be a viable option.

When Rodman was asked about what kind of person Kim was, he replied with: "I basically hang out with him all the time", he said. In fact, Matt Cooper - yes, that Matt Cooper - narrated a documentary about the unusual relationship between Rodman and Kim Jong Un called Dennis Rodman's Big Bang In Pyongyang.

Thanks to his time on Celebrity Apprentice, Rodman also knows US President Donald Trump - and reckons he and Kim could actually get along.

Rodman is said to have given Kim a copy of President Donald Trump's book "The Art of the Deal" during his past visit, The New York Daily News noted.

Kim and Rodman have become good friends over the last four years

Rodman, who called himself an "ambassador for sports" to North Korea, also took credit for the release of 22-year-old American student Otto Warmbier, back to the United States this June.

He added: "I don't love Kim". We laugh. We sing Karaoke.

Rodman, you may recall, has been making trips to North Korea for several years to teach Kim how to play basketball or something.

Reminded of North Korea's appalling human rights record, Rodman distanced himself from the North Korean ruler, saying that all he wished to do was to create dialogue and bring peace as an "ambassador for sports".

"It's just amusing the fact that me saying something like that, and people say, "oh my God, Dennis Rodman protecting the marshal of North Korea", Rodman continued.

Rodman concluded the conversation by saying, "I don't love him [Kim]..." I'm not defending him, I'm not defending the fact that what he does as far as his country and his leadership. Can you imagine the two most unlikely people singing, in tandem, "Push me to the edge / All my friends are dead"?

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