CT and NY AGs sue Trump over rescinding DACA

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DACA does not give beneficiaries legal USA residency; they are simply given a reprieve from deportation while being allowed to legally work.

Notwithstanding his tweet, the almost 800,000 immigrants who obtained temporary work permits and deportation protections via DACA can not necessarily rest easy.

On immigration, Trump is navigating politically tricky waters.

The clock is now officially ticking.

President Trump's "cruel and capricious policy" on the dreamers is "supported neither by a majority of voters nor leaders of his own party", Meyers said. The executive order allows for these recipients to apply for a renewable two-year visa, which allows them to temporarily be free from deportation.

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During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump promised to end the program after taking office but has since struggled with the decision. "It put people in a limbo status, and whenever we had someone who was filing an application, we talked to them about the fact that this program was created by the president and could be (changed) or (rescinded)".

Trump has called the ending of the program an "amnesty-first approach". That's ill-advised. The Post's David Nakamura made that divide obvious in a response to the president's tweet, writing, "DHS official says if your DACA status is set to expire by March 5 and you fail to renew by Oct 5, you expose yourself to potential action". "It's clear that President Trump's DACA repeal would cause huge economic harm to NY - and that it's driven by President Trump's personal anti-Mexican bias", he said, pointing out that 78 percent of individuals within the DACA program were born in Mexico.

But organizers of Sunday's march said the demonstration is also meant to protest Trump's plans to build a wall along the U.S./Mexico border.

"Your average NDSU student would be surprised to find out how many other students are affected by this", Nelson said. With this action, the onus is now on Congress to provide a legislative fix within six months. "It is now up to Congress to unite and pass bipartisan legislation that will protect these 800,000 individuals who live, work and study side by side with the rest of us", the Greater Quad-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said last week. But still Corzo said undocumented immigrants who are apart of DACA face negative misconceptions. This part of the program is particularly impressive to me, as the recipient knows one single slip-up could result in deportation. "Should they just keep holding it off until later, they're affecting all 320 plus million of us USA citizens and undocumented USA citizens".