Apple TV 4K Release Date, Price And Specs

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Among other new products announced today, Apple has unveiled a new version of its set-top Apple TV, which now outputs video at 4K resolution, the ultra-high-definition format with which most high-end TVs are compatible.

Native Siri support will also be included with the new Apple TV which will make it easier than ever for consumers to find exactly the content they're looking for.

The latest version of tvOS ships with the Apple TV 4K, and this will allow you to stream TV shows, sports games and movies in glorious Ultra HD 4K.

The Apple 4K TV will be available to order starting September 15, shipping a week later on September 22. In addition, may even start selling Apple TVs again (they were pulled from the web retailer in 2015).

As expected Apple announced availability of 4K and HDR-enabled iTunes videos.

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution
Apple TV 4K Release Date, Price And Specs

On the HDR front, the Apple TV 4K supports not only the common open standard of HDR10, but also Dolby Vision. It'll cost $172 for the base model with 32GB of storage or $199 for the upgrade to 64GB of storage.

Apple said Tuesday adding 4K resolution to its Apple TV streaming video device, finally catching up to competitors like Roku. But neither 4K nor HDR are new tricks, and in fact this basically means Apple is catching up with a mature field where streaming customers have a lot of existing options. That's a tremendous deal considering the upcharges for 4k content found elsewhere and is the biggest advantage the Apple 4k TV has over competition at the moment.

Apple TV's new picture functions require more processing power, and Apple is using an upgraded, faster processor to deal with the fresh demands, the A10X processor, the same chip that's in the iPad Pro.

That's an awesome amount of power for a set-top box, and it will ease 4K streaming on the device. "The CPU performance is more than twcise as fast as the current Apple TV and graphics are more than four times faster".

The studios had wanted to charge a premium for those movies, but Cue said Apple will sell them for the same price it now sells HD movies - generally around $20 for a new release.

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