The Oculus Rift Becomes More Affordable Than Ever… For a Limited Time

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Thanks to the Summer of Rift promotion, for a limited time, you'll be able to grab the bundle for just $399/£399, down from $599/£599.

The Oculus Rift and Touch are on sale for $399 for a limited time only.

Released at a frankly eye-watering £599, the Oculus Rift has now seen its second price drop in nearly as many months. During the event, stepping into VR with an Oculus Rift will cost just $399. That's in contrast to the SteamVR-powered HTC Vive, which is still sold for a profit at its post-Brexit price of £760.

The virtual reality headset market is still dominated by varying prices, depending on the power of the product. And Oculus also has grappled with internal problems, resulting in the departure of co-founder Palmer Luckey in late March.

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According to IDC, about 23M VR and AR headsets shipped in Q1 with VR accounting for 98% of that total.

But unlike consoles, the Rift cannot be used by itself - it requires a powerful gaming computer, which could set consumers back more than [about $1,300 or £1,000]. Until previous year, the Oculus Rift was priced at $600, and after adding the Touch Controller, the price jumped to $200. Right now, it's the same price as PlayStation VR (with the bonus of coming with motion controls) and half the price of the Vive. The new price of the Oculus Rift and Touch should significantly boost sales and make the device more mainstream, allowing even more budget-conscious shoppers to venture into this territory.

Despite the setbacks, Rubin said that Facebook still sees itself as the leader in commercializing VR.

"We know that hardware moves at that price point", said Rubin. He said that there are some multiplayer games in the pipeline, such as Echo Arena, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and so on, which will accelerate the adoption of the VR headset.