Who SHOULD win the Fatal 5-Way at WWE Extreme Rules?

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After a 205 Live match, where Aries defeated TJP by submission, it was announced that the WWE Cruiserweight match at Extreme Rules would be a submission match. This year is no different to any other.

There are four title matches on the card. But with other promotions now getting in on the action, it is no wonder WWE have followed suit.

Sasha Banks & Rich Swann def. Alicia Fox & Noam Dar via pinfall: In a brief match to keep the chains moving after the red-hot opener, the team of Banks and Swann were the last ones standing, reprising their victory dance from Raw the previous week. My only hope is they are actually planning something long term which would get Bayley and Sasha Banks in a title match at WrestleMania next year, but I am not counting on it. This is match three, month three of the Neville vs Aries feud. However, management might try to surprise the fans by keeping the belt on Neville.

Aries has continued to run through the Cruiserweight division, especially making opponents tap out. Hell, even I was cheering.

Cesaro and Sheamus (-16,000) are favored to win the Tag Team Championship from The Hardy Boyz (+4000) in a Steel Cage match. The Hardy Boyz are heavy underdogs in the upcoming match. The Hardys are still powering forward after the success of the Broken gimmick, and they landed on the WWE roster with an insane amount of momentum and support.

JOHN POWELL: A steel cage match in the PG era is worthless. With the support the brothers have, it would be ridiculous if the WWE booked this any other way. I have been wrong before (the shark cage match was awesome) but I really don't think this will work. After defeating Bayley for the Raw Women's Championship, she would instigate fights with the former champion over the subsequent weeks. After throwing Bayley into the stick placed in the corner, Bliss hits a snap DDT to retain her title yet again. Instead, the WWE is holding a #1 contender's match to determine a rightful challenger for Lesnar's title.

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. But his character has started to fall out of favour since the Ellsworth thing, which was dragged on for far too long.

Scott Pelley Out at CBS 'Evening News,' Continues on '60 Minutes'
Scott Pelley will become a full-time correspondent for 60 MINUTES , according to CBS News. Scott Pelley is reportedly not being brought back at CBS Evening News , Page Six reports .

The main event of the PPV, the Fatal Five-Way Match between the best that RAW has to offer at the moment had to be the most anticipated match of the night. Just let the whole deal with him and Ambrose be done...because, it's been done to death.

On paper, this main event should blow the roof off the stadium and send it into orbit.

Bray Wyatt is a doubt as he was pulverised by The Beast and as he has just made the move over to RAW. Balor is also a doubt due to the fact he is seriously injury prone, and the WWE may not want to hurt the golden boy of NXT.

WWE can not be happy with the numbers, and the USA Network has to be even more upset.

WWE 2K17: Check out the WrestleSim - WWE Extreme Rules 2017 video for the full prediction but.Winner: Roman Reigns. I also still believe he should be nowhere near this belt. Doing that would enable World Wrestling Entertainment to continue the feud.

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