Utah baseball team cancels 'Hourglass Appreciation' event

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Raptors have apparently had second thoughts about its "Hourglass Appreciation Night", a promotion that offended everyone but the knucklehead who conceived it.

It was dubbed "Hourglass Appreciation Night", and it has been scrapped after the Utah baseball team behind the idea took on some vast flack.

Ogden Raptors owner Dave Baggott says in a statement Tuesday that the team does not support or condone the objectification of women.

Baggott said the team would not be taking phone calls or giving interviews about the event.

"Stars is the ONLY talent agency dedicated to developing healthy role models within the media", the posting said.

The Ogden Raptors minor league baseball, a minor-league affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, got themselves in a bit of hot water after the team sent out a press release announcing the team's "Hourglass Appreciation Night".

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LA Dodgers' rookie league club, the Raptors, were planning to host the event August 8.

The Pioneer League's Ogden Raptors, a Dodgers affiliate, blasted out a release trumpeting a night devoted to the curvy female figure on its website last night before it disappeared.

Promising fans a chance to pose with "gorgeous women whose curves rival those of any stud pitching prospect!", the announcement said a different woman would appear each half-inning and pose for pictures with fans during the August 11 game. The release promised "gorgeous women whose curves rival those of any stud pitching prospect!"

There was no immediate comment from Dodgers officials.

Minor league baseball teams are long known to resort to wacky gimmicks (Hawaiian shirts, Trump themes, even just being generally "awful") to drive attendance, but one team is finding itself without an excuse for a promoted theme night that critics are accusing of being sexist.