Tunisia backs Turkey's role as mediator in Gulf-Qatar crisis

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Members of the U.S. navy are seen during a joint military exercise between Qatar and the United States navy, in Doha, on June 16, 2017. On Friday, he met with a top adviser to the emir of Qatar at the State Department. Qatari officials did not immediately respond to questions Thursday, though a State Department official connected the two sales.

A Qatari defense ministry source said the deal was for 36 jets. Boeing, the prime contractor on the sale, declined to comment. Thus even if Israel wants to see Qatar isolated and taken down a peg, throwing it under the bus may end up being counterproductive.

Spokeswoman Heather Nauert says Tillerson will stay to work the phones to try to persuade Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to settle their differences.

Turkey is friendly to Qatar and has sent food supplies since the sanctions were imposed.

"Presumably the USA could have delayed the deal if they'd wanted to, although I don't think there's a great connect between sales and foreign policy". "Isolating and punishing Qatar runs counter to the goal of getting its leadership to address US concerns, their argument goes". The forward headquarters of U.S. Central Command and the staging area for much of the war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are based near Doha, the country's capital.

"While current operations from Al Udeid Air Base have not been interrupted or curtailed, the evolving situation is hindering our ability to plan for longer-term military operations", said Capt. Davis, the Pentagon spokesman who had earlier said there was no problem. Qatar's ambassador to the USA made sure to tweet out a photo of the signing ceremony Thursday, saying Qatar's purchase would create 60,000 new jobs in the U.S.

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu arrives in Riyadh on Friday for a meeting with King Salman and the Saudi government in the latest effort at mediation.

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"We have been cooperating with Russian Federation and Iran in the Astana negotiating process, we call on Saudi Arabia and the United States to join the talks", Erdogan said.

The June 5 announcement of the anti-Qatar blockade surprised the US on several levels, officials said.

Who are the mediators trying to resolve the crisis? On June 7, the Comoros cut off ties with the Persian Gulf state, and Djibouti reduced the level of diplomatic contacts with it. Senegal, Chad and Niger recalled their ambassadors from Doha.

He added that expulsion of all members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinian resistance movement Hamas from Doha is the other condition of Saudi Arabia for the resumption of friendly relations with Qatar.

Military ties between the USA and Qatar remain strong.

Qatar has filed complaints to the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization, a U.N. agency, calling the Arab nations' refusal to let it fly through their airspace illegal. It has forced us to assert that no other nation can dictate to the United States how we will address such disputes.