New speaker? Apple hopped on bandwagon before

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Apple's John Ternus speaks during an announcement of new products at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., Monday, June 5, 2017. Rather, Apple enters a new product category when it can bring something different to the table, as previously demonstrated by both the iPod and the iPhone. That's a contrast to Google's approach.

The Music application on the Apple Watch has received a new interface as well.

Apple's Siri agent on the iPhone is available in 21 languages, although the HomePod will initially ship only for English. Siri came to the Mac previous year. The success of the Echo has obviously persuaded Apple-which is gaining a reputation for being reactive as opposed to proactive in consumer trends-to jump into the smart speaker pool, a decision that will be dependent on how Amazon and Google react to the new kid on the block. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage. Although the format is not exclusive to Apple, it's not yet clear how well the photos will work with non-Apple software and devices, which mostly use JPEG. So far, the service has limited payments to purchases of products and services from companies and other organizations.

It feels even odder to write this: Highly profitable Apple should try to become a little more like profit-challenged Amazon in the financial strategy behind its hardware business.

Apple's is unveiling new features at its annual conference for software programmers on Monday.

It also rolled out developer's kits for augmented reality and machine learning on iOS 11 and upgraded its Macintosh and iPad computers.

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But for a company that doesn't want your data - to make Siri better, it has increasingly been asking for it. Apple contends that it still doesn't want to see your information.

Apple is late on VR. Apple also updated its MacBook laptops with faster processors. But it's a lot cheaper than the iPhone, which starts at $649 and is now the main way people access Siri.

It also debuted the iMac Pro, created to be its flagship desktop machine. As the company's hardware sales start to slow, services and subscriptions are making up a larger and larger proportion of the company's income.

Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone, it tends to release in within a matter of weeks. Specifically, Apple's offering is said to utilize Beats audio technology with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offering up the following prediction last month. The survey's other findings follow a rough split of general smartphone marketshare: 19 percent of respondents used Google Assistant, 6 percent named Amazon's Alexa as their primary assistant and a middling 4 percent named Microsoft's Cortana as their main assistant.

Given the reported Siri Speaker's enhanced acoustics and higher price points I'm thinking this thing targets the Sonos market: people that care about audio quality.

Other features coming to the Mac include the ability to stop video from automatically playing on websites when using Safari. (Make that seven: CDN managing editor David Frith commands Siri to set an alarm clock - much easier than fiddling with finger taps).