Neill Blomkamp Releases a Teaser Trailer for New Short Film

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Blomkamp broke out with his highly acclaimed, 2009 sci-fi film District 9, which was based on his 2006 short film Alive in Joburg. Blomkamp's short films-about an invasion of reptilian aliens-should make an excellent addition.

South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp has released the first trailer for an experimental venture he will soon launch called Oats Studios, an incubator for "experimental short films" that will serve as "tests for potential full feature films".

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Video: The man behind Elysium, Chappie and District 9 is embarking on a unusual new project called Oat Studios Volume 1, and although it's a weird left-turn for the director in terms of how you'll see it, a new teaser trailer for the series shows he'll at least be treading some familiar sci-fi grounds. The teaser trailer for Oats Studios' "Volume 1" depicts a world where humanity is enslaved by aliens who "came here to exterminate us", a narrator explains. The trailer is loaded with tense atmosphere, freaky lizard aliens and, surprisingly, Dakota Fanning with a massive assault rifle. "Adapt or die, it was as simple as that", adds the voiceover. Most importantly, check out this very cool teaser trailer and let us know what you think! The film is coming to streaming services, with Steam being named as one of the platforms. Both Blomkamp and M. Night Shyamalan had incendiary directorial debuts that, despite being ostensibly genre films, managed to reinvent their respective genres in exciting ways, Shyamalan with horror and Blomkamp with science fiction.