Microsoft mistakenly releases broken Windows 10 build

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The internal build 16212 was also released to some regular users who aren't part of the Windows Insider program. Such issues aren't entirely uncommon on the fast ring, though this time Microsoft warns that such problems may be more numerous than usual.

This happened because an inadvertent deployment to the engineering system that controls which builds/which rings to push out to insiders.

According to Microsoft, the update wasn't fully tested with the firm stating that, "this build was never meant to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC". Sarkar adds that the said builds only made their way to a "small portion of folks" out of the enormous 500 million users running Windows 10 at the moment. Our analysis shows only a small portion of folks got these builds.

More specifically, we're told the HP speaker has Cortana intelligence built-in and does not need to connect to a Windows 10 PC.

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Some users reported that their Pcs/laptops/mobiles went to a boot loop after being updated this internal build 16212 PCs.MSPowerUser also reported that the Build 16212 causes Windows 10 Mobile devices to enter a boot loop, requiring users to reset their device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. For Windows Insiders who are concerned about stability and buggy behavior, be advised that you might be running a preview build that was not yet ready for testing.

If your device has downloaded the update but it is yet to be installed, you can change the active hours to delay the update. If we find any results that are different from before, we'll keep you updated. If you run into unexpected issues in the meantime, you can roll back to a previous Windows 10 build via Settings Update & security Recovery.

Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, sincerely confirmed the unwanted release of BUILD 16212 in a tweet and urged users to refrain from updating their PCs and phones.

No new builds will be released by Microsoft until next week. Once the re-flash is complete, you can join the Windows Insiders program again. In addition, that option only exists if Disk Cleanup was not used to remove the previous Windows installation.