Inspirational Djokovic key to my tennis return - Agassi

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Agassi has already confirmed he is willing to work with Djokovic at Wimbledon if required next month and the 47-year-old is enjoying the challenge of trying to bring out the best in the younger man, who already has 12 major titles to his name.

The Serbian joined up with Agassi - an eight-time Grand Slam victor - to help him last month after parting ways with Boris Becker following an alarming slump in form. Whatever is practical and achievable, 100% I will make the effort.

Novak Djokovic with coach Andre Agassi at the French Open. But Agassi said, "as long he feels like I can help him, I will".

"I said "listen, maybe I can help you over the phone, I don't think you need much, but this is not possible for me with the balance of my life".

"I respect her so much so I said okay, I'll go early since I have to be in Paris anyway, and I'll just get to know him".

"He's a very inspirational guy for me".

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Asked what he thought of Agassi arriving in his box at 3-4 in the second set, Djokovic said: "He was not supposed to be here today, because we finished yesterday with our in-person collaboration here in Paris".

Agassi has only been seen sporadically on the tennis tour since retiring, instead focusing on his foundation for education and spending time at home with wife Steffi Graf and their two children.

"I don t want money, I want to help him. And it helps the game and I think he should be - him at his best is good for the game and it's a way I can contribute, hopefully". "But for me it's simple". His game is built on controlling the baseline and executing to big targets.

"Nevertheless I put it all in perspective by the end... he's a spectacular player who can get through hard times even if he's not necessarily on point but I think that match made him better in a lot of ways now".

"In the conversation you get that sense from him that he knows exactly what he's talking about. he is very bright, and very genuine, very good soul, good heart, cares about the game, cares about others and always tries to be kind to others".