DC Welcomes News of Rosenworcel's Return to FCC

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In what appears to be an unprecedented move, former Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel will also be future Democratic FCC commissioner if the Senate confirms her as expected. She previously served on the Commission from 2012 through the end of past year, but stepped down when the Senate did not extend her expired term before the end of their session.

The White House announced the nomination in a late Tuesday release, months after the outgoing Obama administration renominated Rosenworcel, whose term expired at the end of December, and the Trump administration pulled that nomination in January.

That's one possible reason for Rosenworcel's nomination, since Trump wouldn't want to tie the agency's hands with a 2-2 majority that would block Republicans from repealing net neutrality rules. Reuters reported that Trump is expected to nominate Brendan Carr, a Republican who is now general counsel at the FCC, to the remaining open seat. But no Republican candidate has been announced yet.

Clyburn issued a statement congratulating Rosenworcel on the intended nomination. At that time, the five-member commission had two Republicans and one Democrat as members, with two vacancies, one for each party.

"Few people have ever walked through the doors of the Federal Communications Commission with as much knowledge, experience, and good judgement as Jessica Rosenworcel", said Michael Copps former FCC Commissioner and advisor for the group Common Cause. That didn't happen. Now, some are wondering if Rosenworcel will be put up for a vote by the Senate without a Republican nominee.

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"CCA shares her commitment to ensuring wireless services for all Americans, especially for consumers in rural and remote areas, and her focus on closing the homework gap will benefit all Americans", he added.

"Sen. [John] Thune is pleased to see Jessica Rosenworcel's nomination moving forward", said a spokesman for the Senate Commerce Committee. Pai's term technically expired in June 2016, but the FCC's rules allow him to stay until the end of 2017.

"This appointment rights a wrong, because she deserved confirmation past year, and should have been sitting on the Commission all along", Georgetown Law lecturer Andrew Schwartzman, an attorney who specializes in media and telecommunications policy, said in a statement provided to Ars.

Pai congratulated Rosenworcel, saying, "I look forward to working with her once again to advance the public interest".

When the election results came in and it became clear there would be a Republican president and a Republican majority Congress, Wheeler tried to broker that deal - his scalp for her renomination - but failed.