Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work

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But the uncertainty surrounding President Trump's executive order last Friday has Cubans in and outside the tourism sector concerned about what's next.

"It is doubtful that they will trigger any move in Cuba towards a new governing structure or new leadership", said Shifter. -Cuban relations, saying Trump had been badly advised and was resorting to "coercive methods of the past" that were doomed to fail. In a statement on state television it denounced the measures, but said Havana "reiterates its willingness to continue the respectful dialogue and cooperation".

Still, the impact of Trump's new policy depends largely on how his administration draws it up.

Donald Trump promises to roll back Obama's Cuba policy.

Rather than coddle a dictatorship in place since 1959, Trump's reversal of policy now prohibits commerce with any business owned by the Cuban military or intelligence services.

With senior administration officials claiming that the individual people-to-people travel license was "ripe for abuse", essentially allowing travel by individuals as long as they stated it was for educational purposes, the license will revert to being available only for group travel. United States air carriers and cruise ships will still be allowed to serve on the island.

"I have continued to press both the Obama and Trump Administrations for the return of Joanne Chesimard, and am pleased that the president today made her return - in clear and absolute terms, as I have insisted - contingent upon any further USA engagement in Cuba".

In a setback to the U.S. The cruise conglomerate added that it looks forward to upcoming Cuba cruises planned for Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America Line, and has requested approval for other Carnival Corp. brands to travel to Cuba.

And like Obama a few years ago, Trump badly needs a headline showing that he is doing something on the foreign policy front following his fiasco in the Middle East.

Nor are there plans to reinstate limits that Obama lifted on the amount of the island's coveted rum and cigars that Americans can bring home for personal use. The reasons for Trump's return to embargo may be more domestic than worldwide politics, as the Cuban emigre lobby is a powerful one in the Republican party, including notable figures like Marco Rubio. He has already pulled the United States out of a major global climate treaty and is trying to scrap his predecessor's landmark healthcare program. The new policy will keep US companies from doing direct financial transactions with companies controlled by the Cuban military. Many came in under the self-directed "people to people" category, which Trump is eliminating. Castro's government has clearly stated it does not intend to change its one-party political system.

Trump described his move as an effort to ramp up pressure to create a "free Cuba" after more than half a century of communism.

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"Unfortunately, progress under the new policy has not materialized". That change is likely to significantly curtail US tourism on the island as GAESA has a near monopoly on retail stores, and controls a large swath of foreign-run hotels in the country.

The Cuban government, which has made clear it will not be pressured into reforms, had no immediate comment.

After decades of Cold War enmity, he oversaw a diplomatic rapprochement with the United States under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama.

Despite Obama's contempt for Liberty and palling around with Raul "the Reformer", the Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation has reported the Castro military increased its political detentions from 718 in 2015 to 1,095 recorded in just the first six months of 2016. According to Engage Cuba, to Cuba has "skyrocketed" since then.

“I have trust in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to Cuba, ” said Jorge Saurez, 66, a retired physician in Little Havana.

"His speech was aggressive and threatening, . revealing his contempt and ignorance", President Nicolas Maduro said in a speech. And the USA government will police other such trips to ensure there's a tour group representative along making sure travelers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities".

Trump said he would restrict USA tourist visits to the island, which had increased as part of cultural exchange travel approved by Obama.

As a result, the changes - though far-reaching - appear to be less sweeping than many advocates had feared.

There is no timeline set for the completion of the draft of the new regulations.

Moody's Investor Service released a report on Monday saying the US revision of its Cuban policy was "credit negative" for the island, coming at a time when the country was already suffering liquidity problems due to weakening economic support from its crisis-wracked ally Venezuela.