Comey Testimony Watched by an Estimated 19.5 Million Viewers

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CNN made several calls to James Comey's father this weekend in order to get his reaction about the latest groundbreaking events that have revolved around his son in recent days.

Almost 19.5 million viewers watched in a live broadcast Thursday's testimony by former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey before the Senate Information Committee members, according to Nielsen.

Overall, ABC was the most watched network airing the Senate Intelligence Committee live, generating 3.3 million total viewers, while Fox news was the most watched cable news network with 3.1 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

MSNBC and NBC both drew about 2.7 million viewers each.

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Neither prosecutors nor Winner's parents have identified the government agency where she worked at the time of her arrest. She said authorities don't know what happened to the drive or what was on it. "She was not expecting any of this".

Despite attracting a television audience near 20 million, the number of viewers who watched Thursday's hearing was likely much higher once other mediums are considered.

The television ratings do not include the crowds that watched the highly anticipated congressional hearing at bars and restaurants around the country or online through services like Twitter and YouTube.

"His company is his son, Jim", the man answered, identifying himself as that company, the ex-FBI director who delivered extraordinary testimony before Congress this week about his interactions with President Donald Trump before he was sacked last month.