Boy drowns a week after swimming

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A 4-year-old child from Houston, Texas died Saturday from dry drowning almost a week after going swimming.

On Saturday things took a turn for the worse and he woke up in serious pain across his shoulders. "I'm always touching him, and I'm always talking to him when he's sleeping, and all of a sudden he just woke up", Delgado said.

The family were told little Frankie, as he was called, died from secondary drowning, a rare medical condition that affects mostly children due to their size compared to an adult.

Dry or secondary drowning occurs when someone breathes water into his or her lungs.

The condition happens when fluid builds up around the lungs and heart. "There was nothing else they could do for him". They could not do anything for him, "says Tara, her mother". But with a laryngospasm (aka dry drowning), a person's larynx, the pipe responsible for getting air to the lungs, abruptly closes shut to keep the water out of the lungs, Dr. Woods explains. Dr. Leaming-Van Zandt said children can drown in just inches of water. These symptoms closely mimic other childhood illnesses which is why medical professionals urge parents to have their child seen by a physician for any near-drowning experience or if any symptoms of secondary drowning are present after a child has been in the water.

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Secondary drowning, however, is when the water enters the lungs and causes inflammation or swelling which makes it hard for the body to adequately transfer oxygen to carbon dioxide and vice versa. Dry drowning can occur hours or, as Frankie's story proves, even days after swimming.

Symptoms of dry drowning and secondary drowning may include coughing, chest pain, trouble breathing and feeling extremely exhausted.

Grover said that kids can begin showing symptoms of dry drowning 24 to 48 hours after ingesting water. However, the official cause of his death has not been released by the county coroner. I'm screaming, 'Let me just touch my baby. They seem to be fine but they develop respiratory problems several hours after the event, "says Dr. Kay Leaming-Van Zandt". He was loved by so many people, his love for Baseball was endless.

The family has set up a a crowdfunding profile to help cover funeral expenses.