Atari may re-release classic Atari console

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Last week, Atari released a brief teaser below that mentions "A brand new Atari product" with "Years in the making".

Atari is working on a gaming console, CEO Fred Chesnais said in an interview with GamesBeat at E3 2017.

I realize that's not enough detail to form an opinion but the fact is there's only so many different things this could be.

After returning from the brink, Atari is making profit once again through licensing and mobile games. The video showed close up shots of what seemed like a retro console with wood paneling, quite like the legendary Atari 2600 itself.

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Atari has confirmed that the company is working on a brand new gaming console. Beyond that, Chesnais offered no other information aside from saying it will be based on "PC technology" and that it will be revealed at a later date.

Atari has had a hard past at times, with the company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2013. As it stands, it looks as if Atari could be planning to create a throwback console, with a selection of their classic games, not too dissimilar to the Nintendo NES Classic, which saw huge success a year ago. Are you looking forward to what Atari will bring to the table? Focusing on recent history, Atari was purchased by European publisher Infogrames in 2001 and filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

This is exactly the path Microsoft and Sony took when Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were still in development.