24-hour amateur radio field day taking place this weekend

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Members of the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club in the Philadelphia area prepare for their weekend Field Day exercise operation in Horsham.

"Despite the proliferation of cell phone, satellite and modern digital communications, any time theres a natural disaster or a manmade event such as 911 ham radio operators step up to the plate and provide emergency communications to more local community", Berkowitz said.

The group participated in American Radio Relay League Field Day.

On the subject of why they're called ham radio operators, Christovich insisted it had nothing to do with ham. "From the quake and tsunami in Japan to tornadoes in Missouri, ham radio provided the most reliable communication networks in the first critical hours of the events".

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Some operators said they have reached listeners as far as Canada and even South America. Whitley County "hams" will join with thousands of other Amateur Radio operators showing their emergency capabilities the weekend of June 24-25. I used it to learn about the coverage of our local repeater, but also to hear what the effects were when two local radios were both using the same repeater and high power at the same time.

The tool can be used as a last resort option if cell towers or other communication means are not available. There are now over 700,000 Amateur Radio licensees in the U.S., and more than 2.5 million around the world.

It's free to watch and HAMs will be on site to explain the hobby to visitors. The public is most cordially invited to come, meet and talk with the hams. To be clear, enough of your signal needs to get to the other end for it to work, but after that, you're just wasting electrons.