Standalone Daydream VR is now a reality, Qualcomm, HTC and Lenovo onboard

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The big gaming-related reveal is Google announcing a standalone Daydream VR headset along with HTC and Lenovo.

Google has partnered with Qualcomm to lock down standards for the new VR platform and said upcoming consumer headsets from Lenovo and HTC will be out later this year.

Bavor also provided some updates for Google Daydream View, the VR headset that works with compatible smartphones that went on sale last November.

This is the tagline accompanying the shadowy image of a brand new virtual reality headset that was unveiled today from the manufacturers of the popular Vive VR system: HTC. Unfortunately, there aren't that many phones available at the moment that officially support the Daydream platform.

The HTC U 11 is official, it sends heavy in all areas!
The IP67 rated dust and water resistant smartphone comes as the third in the "U" family introduced by the company this year. In terms of storage and RAM , it has two variants 4GB RAM with 64GB storage and 6GB RAM with 128GB storage .

Finally, Google demoed new additions to their educational Expeditions VR experiences, this time leveraging augmented reality to create classroom presentations where all sorts of experiments happen in front of students' eyes, through their device.

If Google's making their own VR headset tech, that makes some more sense as to why they acquired Owlchemy Labs for VR content. The company says each headset will feature Vr-optimized displays, optics, and sensors. "We're thrilled that headsets will begin to hit shelves later this year". These headsets feature all of the necessary technology built into the device, eliminating the need to insert a phone or run a cable to a PC.

Daydream launched 6 months ago and there are already many Daydream-ready phones which you can use to access over 150 VR apps. It will support the new Daydream WorldSense motion tracking, though. Rotational and positional tracking together are also often called "6 Degrees of Freedom" or "6DOF".