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That follows the rumours that the iPhone 8 will fall somewhere between the two other phones in terms of size. The iPhone 8 has a vertically placed dual camera setup, confirming the previous leaks. While the iPhone 8 will be of the same size as the iPhone 7s, it will flaunt a 5.8-inch display thanks to its near invisible bezels. If most of these frames it does not, then you can easily count on all the 5.2 or even 5.3 inches, but in this regard, no specifics there. This news arrives amid speculations that Apple's iPhone 8 might cost $1,000 when it launches this fall. With all these additional costs piling up, it definitely appears that Apple's 2017 flagship would be one of the costliest smartphones of the year. Rumors either suggest that Apple could remove the feature together, relocate it to the back, or develop a new technology that can hide the sensor beneath the display.

The iPhone 8 is believed to represent a radical redesign, packed with premium features that simply aren't yet viable to put in iPhones sold at the more traditional price points. Now though, Apple is set to make amends with the iPhone 8. Thus, TPK and GIS are expected to significantly benefit from Apple's orders.

Apple normally launches its new iPhone some time in September, although rumors had suggested that the iPhone 8 would be a little later this year.

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Of course, a more expensive 3D Touch panel is just one of a few components that will cost more on the iPhone 8 than on existing iPhones. The entire front part of the device will basically be the screen. After all, OLED panels are far more power efficient - and offer improvements to colour gamut and dynamic range - over conventional LCD displays. That's more than double the price of the current one, which most likely means the cost of the new iPhone will be higher than the current ones.

The upcoming 10th-anniversary edition of iPhone is expected to pack completely new hardware and feature a revamped design, which will push the price up.

The iPhone 8 is not going to be cheap. While this will undoubtedly be frustrating to many, it simply par for the course anytime Apple releases a new iPhone, and especially when Apple introduces a brand new iPhone design with incredibly advanced components.