Microsoft aims to create a more versatile Windows 10

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The company plans to use its Microsoft Graph of entities and its new Fluent Design System, the company's sleeker take on the Windows user experience, to enable users to seamlessly access some of the operating system's functionality on their mobile devices.

Microsoft's Build developer conference is bringing a lot of news about Windows and Microsoft's other endeavors.

You can also pick up where you left off via a Cortana feature that lets you do just that, not only on other Windows machines, but on iOS and Android devices as well, presuming you've got the Cortana app running on those devices. It's similar to what Apple already offers with Universal Clipboard in iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

According to The Verge report, the Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can help the users' activities and applications whether they are using an iOS or Android device. The Pick Up Where You Left Off feature will allow users to carry out using the same app across multiple devices interchangeably.

Rooted Android Device? No Netflix for You
Over the weekend Netflix has appeared to have taken steps to prevent the use of its app on rooted or unlocked Android devices. In fact, they can't download Netflix from Google Play , rendering the rooted phones useless if Netflix is involved.

Terry Myerson, who leads Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, said platform wars between big technology customers "have made it harder for our customers". Users will be able to create stories with a soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions. The fall Windows 10 update will include features for playing games and watching video in the realm of "mixed reality", the melding of the artificial with things that are actually happening around us.

"For developers, Fluent Design is built to help you create more expressive and engaging apps that work across a wide range of device and input diversity", he added. The company revealed the next major update for Windows 10 and it will be called the Fall Creators Update. The long-time rivals have put their differences aside to work on the Windows-based iTunes app.

There will also be more connectivity between platforms, the central announcement for this point came when Microsoft announced that iTunes would finally be launching on the Windows Store.

Windows 10 was first launched in 2015 and Mr Myerson said it was now the "most used version of Windows ever" - Microsoft announced yesterday it had been installed on 500 million devices. Acer's going to bundle both devices together at $399 and sell it this holiday season. Microsoft is also introducing a brand new design language called Fluent Design System, which was codenamed Project Neon.