Kathy Griffin defends photo with bloody replica of Trump's severed head

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Comedian Kathy Griffin says a new "art" project featuring a beheaded model of President Trump will "make noise" upon its completion.

"D-List" comic Kathy Griffin was photographed holding a prop of President Trump's bloody, detached head.

TMZ leaked the photo, reporting that Griffin posed for the photo with photographer Tyler Shields. The final images are themselves reminiscent of propaganda videos used by extremist Muslim groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

TMZ has asked that exact question, and people overwhelmingly think she has.

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Griffin, though, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. I also think he's insane, I think he's mentally ill.

During the shoot, Griffin joked that she and Shields might have to move to Mexico after the footage got out - and judging from the responses, she might be right. "Because we're going to go to prison".

Griffin told Ali she was inspired by the statement Trump made about Megyn Kelly in which he discussed the "blood coming out of her wherever".

This is hardly the first time Shields' photos have caused uproar.