No credit card, no debit card? No problem, says Amazon

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Note: You can keep using the bar code again and again each time you need to add funds to your account, and you can even set it as an Android shortcut on the home screen or fix it on your iOS Wallet app. Amazon has now introduced a new feature - Amazon Cash, which allows the users to top up their Amazon account balance by paying cash to select retailers.

With Amazon Cash, you can deposit money at a number of participating USA stores that include CVS Pharmacy, Speedway, Kum & Go, D&W Fresh Market, Sheetz, Family Fare Supermarkets, and VG's Grocery.

Amazon Cash allows customers to add balance to their account without having to link their bank cards. Researchers say, though, that more than a quarter of all retail customers are "cash customers" so Amazon might be on to something, here.

Customers need the barcode so the cashier can scan it and apply the amount they want. The balance the customers add from the retailers is added to the gift card balance of their Amazon account.

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The latest shopping scheme is designed as a great option for shoppers who feel more comfortable, or have no other option except to use cash to purchase their desired items. Until today, they would have to buy an Amazon Gift Card in a designated amount or add cash to prepaid payment cards, to be used at checkout.

With everything cleared up, what do you think of Amazon's new offering? The service might be especially useful for lower-income customers who lack a credit or debit card, but are looking to save money by buying from the online retailer.

"Amazon's service is open to anyone who has a mobile phone", said Richard Crone, a payments consultant, adding the system adds authentication via the phone credentials, the Amazon log in and the consumer showing his or her phone at the retailer. As TechCrunch points out, citing a 2015 report from the FDIC, more than a quarter of American consumers rely primarily or exclusively on cash. The process for getting cash into an Amazon account, however, requires a brick-and-mortar store visit. Amazon is also opening a chain of bookstores, and is expanding its distribution and fulfillment network in the U.S.