Girls Recap: "Latching" - Series Finale

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However, in that moment, Hannah seems to figure out that her objective in life is to make a man love her and care for him (Grover) which is just about the most Judd Apatow-ish ending to a show about girls growing up.

According to Dan Fienberg, "This was an ideal finale for "Girls" because, taken in the right frame of mind, it offered the heart and humor that marked the show at its best and gave all three actresses many moments to shine". Girls, in its creation, was never meant to be a show about cleaning up all the uncertainties of its characters' fates, despite the fact it ran with that type of writing for its last several years. Marnie and Hannah, perhaps the show's central love story, ended up right back where they started - but this time, they learned their lesson.

Dunham: I was pretty focused on it, and everyone was like, "Okay".

"You want to act like this whole thing was an accident?"

Dunham: I think that they're together for now, and I think that they're probably going to turn out a couple of children.

Marnie swoops in, like she so often does, with a grand master plan that can't possibly go wrong. The series debuted five years ago, in 2012, and was considered the first of its kind for portraying the "real" trials and tribulations of contemporary 20-something female life-in many ways in direct opposition to the sort of unerringly glamorous fictional characters captured by that other HBO show anchored by four female New Yorkers, Sex and the City. But, she writes, "The problem is that "Latching" couldn't take a breather from 'Girls's long-term storytelling; as a series finale, it's automatically a part of that storytelling process - and arguably the most important one". "I think truly we just learn from everything, and anything that, like, I really regretted taught me the lesson not to do it again", Konner said. The job, the boyfriend, whatever.

What's In Her Future: In the interest of keeping her sobriety (and beginning to make healthier friendship choices), Jessa will find a new group of friends - a less toxic, self-centered one that supports each other rather than passive-aggressively competing against each other. The concerns of characters like Elijah, Ray, or Loreen and Tad, Hannah's parents, were explored more closely as the seasons progressed in a way that reflects how one's world view widens slowly - very slowly if you're Hannah or Marnie - when a young adult transitions into an actual adult. She types it in, and at the same time, Robyn's awesome song "Dancing On My Own" starts playing.

So it was a good moment on Sunday when Hannah's mother, Loreen (Becky Ann Baker), offered Marnie, who'd moved in to help with Grover, the advice that it might be better for the friendship if she didn't forgo her own happiness in favor of Hannah's. Like, there were naked hippies in a lake. These are the questions we as an audience were unfortunately going to want answered, despite Girls' best attempts to prove to us that type of closure didn't matter. But really, Hannah the mother is just Hannah with a kid.

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Jessica: On her walk, Hannah bumps into a pantsless teenage girl, who just ran out of a house screaming. As the credits role, we hear her singing Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" - the song that Marnie was singing earlier in the auto - to the baby.

You've come a long way, Hannah.

Dunham: No, we really didn't. Of course you need that person, preferably at most hours of the day and night. It's not a Thing, it's just another show I'm just not interested in watching, like Game of Thrones or This Is Us.

In that episode, the actual breakup, nearly all of it is done in silence. And such was the case for the series finale, appropriately titled "Latching". So I think she's going to be great. I remember saying to him, "That's lovely, and I have absolutely no idea if I'm capable of it".

I would watch a spin-off starring Loreen. Loreen calls Hannah childish: "You know who else is in emotional pain?"

"We knew that the baby's name was Grover Horvath before we knew that "Grover" was the fantasy name of [Hannah's] water-skiing f-buddy".

Dunham: And I remember, Jenni, you'd never given me such quiet notes. She adds, "It established a condition (the eventual birth of a baby) that demanded growth from her - and then set her up to grow in precisely the way it needed her to in order to get her there".

Konner: I'm a big yeller.