Senate Committee Approves Pruitt As EPA Head

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Democratic committee members boycotted today and yesterday's votes because of Pruitt's failure to respond to document requests, his lack of substantive responses to questions raised during his hearing, and his refusal to clarify whether he will recuse himself from work on regulations and issues where he has a direct conflict of interest.

With no Democrats in the room, U.S. Senate Republicans on Thursday voted unanimously to approve the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Democrats protested Pruitt's hearing for a second straight day, refusing to enter the hearing to deny the committee a quorum.

Previously, the rules had required that at least two Democrat was present to approve of new picks.

"We will not allow it to obstruct", he added. Kurt Walters, campaign director of the left-wing group Demand Progress, justified the "radical and bold tactics" of the Democrat senators by arguing that Trump "lost" the popular vote to Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and is pushing a "radical, unconstitutional agenda".

During his tenure as Oklahoma attorney general, Pruitt has sued the EPA 14 times.

The panel's Democrats slammed the GOP's maneuver as "irresponsible", citing Pruitt's failure to give full answers to numerous questions and requests they have.

"We can not advise the full Senate on whether Scott Pruitt will lead the EPA in a manner that will protect the public's heath in the absence of critical information about his record", Carper said.

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South Dakota Corn Growers President Keith Alverson agrees Pruitt's Senate testimony was acceptable and they are supporting his approval, but they're going to hold him to his word. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., in a statement from committee Democrats after the vote on Thursday. Barrasso said that was different, because a president deserves special treatment for his first Cabinet.

Senate committees advanced the president's nominees for attorney general, treasury secretary, and health and human services secretary with Republican votes alone. On Wednesday, Finance Committee chairman Sen.

"We have a right and a responsibility to examine and critically evaluate these nominees' background, to make sure that they will fulfill their oath and their responsibility", Sen.

"While reassuring to see many Senators resist Pruitt's confirmation, the lawmakers who swung open the doors for the fossil fuel takeover of environmental protection should be ashamed of themselves", Leonard said.

As AG, Pruitt was engaged in lawsuits against the EPA, including one over the EPA Waters of the USA rule.

Despite the rhetoric from the committee's Republicans, the Democrats appeared to have borrowed directly from their opponent's playbook.

"I do not believe climate change is a hoax", Pruitt said.